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Please call 507-272-7393 to schedule an appointment or email with any questions.

Before Your Appointment

Please look at our FAQ section below to verify if you are a good candidate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

You are required to have a referral or prescription from your medical provider or chiropractor before using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Note: We are not a medical facility nor do we claim to be.

We have a medical director on staff that you may use if you do not have one of your own. If you use our medical director you will have a Telehealth conversation with them before your appointment, regarding your medical history.

If you have a medical provider you wish to use, they can fill out the “Refer a Client” form at the top of the page. Please call regarding questions about this!

**Please note that we have the right to deny use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to anyone we deem not fit for use. All clients should consult with their own doctor before use**

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We are located inside Core Progression Elite Personal Training, located in the front entrance of the Village Shopping Center. You’ll see Core Progression next to Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe and across the parking lot from the front entrance of Sprouts and the back entrance of McGuckin’s Hardware. Enter inside the personal training gym and we are around the corner to the right. Please call if you have trouble finding us!

Parking: Park anywhere in the free parking lot.

Accessibility: We are located on the ground level, have handicap parking spots and have ADA accessible bathrooms as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the session look like?

The session will last 60 minutes. You will be zipped into the chamber and the chamber will slowly start to pressurize. There will be an oxygen nasal cannula that you will wear to get additional oxygen while inside. The experienced operator will control the level at which you increase and decrease in pressure. There will be constant check-ins to make sure you are being brought up and down at comfortable levels for you with the maximum pressure being 1.3 ATA (4PSI). Once the desired pressure is met, you will stay at that pressure for the remaining time of the session, and then be brought back to normal pressure. 

What do I wear?

During your appointment, you will enter the chamber wearing your normal clothes. Wear layers, as it can get a bit warm as the session continues.

What can I bring in with me?

You are allowed to bring in something to keep you occupied during your session (book, phone, earphones). We just ask that you do not bring in a laptop, vape pen/epen, lighter, or anything sharp.

Can I eat and drink inside the chamber?

No food is allowed inside the chamber unless you are a diabetic (glucose is used to metabolize oxygen and may lead to diabetics dropping blood sugar quicker than normal). Water is allowed inside of the chamber but be cautious of how much you drink, as increased pressure increases your need to urinate.

Will I feel trapped and claustrophobic?

Inside the chamber, there is a gage that you can watch to see what pressure you are at as well as your own access to the zipper and the decompression valve. The chamber is roomy, as it can fit two grown adults. It also has a window that you can look out of to make you feel more comfortable. There is air constantly circulating throughout the chamber and a fan can be brought in as well at your request. Tell the operator if you are concerned with feeling claustrophobic.

What will it feel like?

During the increase and decrease in pressure, you will feel a fullness in your ears, similar to what you may feel when flying in an airplane. We recommend bringing in a water bottle or continuously swallowing to help clear your ears and prevent any discomfort while the pressures are changing. 

Sit back, relax, listen to music, take a nap, and enjoy your time being oxygenated! 

How many sessions do I need?

Once your paperwork is submitted, we will be able to have a better idea of how many sessions may be best for you. Some conditions can be helped with one session, others could potentially take 40 or more sessions to get the results you are looking for. Sessions can be done as often as twice a day. Alpine Hyperbarics does not make any claims or guarantees in your journey using hyperbarics. 

How is it different from regular oxygen therapy such as an oxygen bar?

Oxygen therapy has become very popular, especially at high-altitude environments. The problem with oxygen therapy without pressure is that it is short-lived and does not have the same potential to heal. By using a hyperbaric chamber, the oxygen is pushed deeper into your cells, creating new blood vessels and releasing your body’s own stem cells. Benefits after hyperbarics last for longer after the session is over compared to oxygen without pressurization. 

Who should not use the chamber? Those with…
    • Lung conditions (pneumothorax AKA collapsed lung) or within the last 6 months
    • Extreme claustrophobia
    • Chronic sinusitis and/or inner or middle ear condition
    • Current upper respiratory infection
    • Epilepsy
    • Pregnant
    • Cancer or in remission
    • Using the drugs, Cisplatin, Disulphiram (Antabuse), Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) or Bleomycin

**Everyone must have a prescription or referral from a doctor or chiropractor before use**